Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing

Lead consultant on digital infrastructure & UX design


Information architecture, data modeling, UX research and general consulting for the Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing, a non-profit initiative by Banner Repeater (London), Wikimedia UK and a team of subject domain experts, artists and creative technologists. As lead consultant on the technical aspects of the project, I worked with a team of developers and visual designers to establish a self-hosted Wikibase instance for the backend of the archive, as well as a custom frontend for access and browsing. Key responsibilities included running workshops to develop a participatory design and development strategy, documentation of the resulting data model and information architecture, scoping user workflows and drafting wireframes for the visual designers. Additionally, I contributed to the documentation and educational materials published on the project website. 

DAAP backend and frontend home pagesDAAP backend and frontend home pages
DAAP backend to frontend connection diagramDAAP backend to frontend connection diagram