I am a designer and researcher, currently working on a PhD project at London South Bank University in collaboration with Rhizome. My design practice aims to interrogate established and experimental approaches to publishing, circulating and archiving information. I am particularly interested in working with open-source and community-driven approaches to digital infrastructures, which organise, store and make knowledge, and different ways of knowing, accessible. My current research focus is on born-digital archives and born-digital art.

*update* From January 2020, I am joining two exciting projects in advisory capacity. I am now a member of the Steering Committee of the OpenRefine project, an open-source tool for cleaning and reconciling data across multiple sources. I am also joining the Advisory Board of The Joan Jonas Knowledge Base, a research project part of the Artist Archives Initiative, founded at New York University to promote research and disseminate knowledge about the display and care of contemporary art.

Past design work is available ☞ here. Talks, teaching, and publications are listed ☞ here. Current and past reads, plus other strands of research are open on my are.na account. I can be reached via email or twitter.